Highland Cattle dispersal sale set to attract interest from lifestyle block owners, beef and dairy farmers


A dispersal sale of one of the most unique cattle breeds is sure to attract interest from a range of buyers – from lifestyle block owners to beef and dairy farmers when it takes place at Galatea on 27 March 2021.

Hummel are polled Highland cattle – hairy but without the large horns which differentiate them from most other breeds of beef cattle.

Breeders, David and Alison Silcock, have been farming Highland Cattle on their Galatea property for the last 15 years and recall it was their novelty appeal which attracted them to the breed when they retired from dairy farming.

“We had always admired the traditional, horned, Highland Cattle and when we began considering what we would graze on the 20 hectares we kept from the dairy farm, we decided that Highland Cattle would be the breed,” Alison Silcock says.

Early stock sported horns but, over the years, through a carefully managed breeding strategy, they now have a herd of around 50 Hummel (polled) Highland Cattle.

Due to a change in farming policy, David and Alison are now selling the complete Hummel (polled) Highland Cattle Stud.

The Dispersal Sale will take place on their farm at 5100 Galatea Road, Murupara on 27 March and is predicted to attract a wide range of people – both at the farm and online via NZ Farmers Livestock’s hybrid auction platform MyLivestock - for their novelty factor as much as their appeal as tail-end dairy sires and beef animals.

“Hummel calves are becoming more popular with dairy farmers for heifer matings as they are easy calving - small at birth but growing well – their colouring clearly differentiating them from replacement calves,” Alison said.

“The meat is marbled but very low in fat so there is some demand from beef farmers – the meat reputed to have 40% less fat and 20% less cholesterol with higher levels of iron and protein than traditional beef.”

Alison said the herd are placid and easy to handle and farm making them popular with lifestyle block owners.

The dispersal sale will be livestreamed live on NZ Farmers’ MyLivestock hybrid auction platform at 12 noon on Saturday 27 March. NZ Farmers Livestock Agent, Shaun Bicknell, is encouraging potential buyers to either attend the sale in person or register with MyLivestock for online bidding.

For further information contact David and Alison Silcock phone 027 4894505 or NZ Farmers Livestock Agent, Shaun Bicknell, on 027 221 1977.