NZ Farmers Livestock Lamb Plan

NZ Farmers Livestock Finance has a facility specifically available for seasonal livestock lamb financing. Finance flexibility is a necessity when farming - you know that, we know that.
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How does it work?

Your NZ Farmers Livestock agent buys the lambs with no capital outlay to you. YOU OWN the lambs and farm them for a maximum of four months. Your NZ Farmers Livestock Agent then sells them to the highest bidder. All costs deducted from the proceeds while you keep the profit.

To arrange finance to purchase or to discuss options going forward, contact us today.

We offer:
  • Fast Acceptance
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive agreements

Actual example/lamb incl gst
  • Purchase price $103.50
  • Sale price $129.01
  • 39 days cost $1.41
  • = profit per lamb $24.10 (23%)

Lamb Plan Calculator

Number of lambs purchased
Purchased price /head
Weeks farmed
Sale price /head
Total purchase price incl. GST
Cost /week /head
Total cost
Profit /head
Percentage Profit /head
Total profit