About us

MyLiveStock is operated and owned by NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd, a 100% NZ owned and operated company.

At NZ Farmers Livestock our strengths lie in all facets of livestock, and we are committed to providing a unique personalised service.
Our clients benefit from our history and experience in the market, operating nationally for more than 100 years. We bring extensive experience and knowledge gained through trusted and long-established relationships within the rural community. We add value for you, by supporting you to market.

For your peace of mind NZ Farmers Livestock is a member of the NZSSA and we support and operate under its self regulation / complaints policy.

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About MyLiveStock

MyLiveStock is New Zealand's credible and evolving livestock network. We are leading the way with digital livestock exposure through MyLiveStock – a website and app providing clients with a livestock trading platform, with excellent, fast and broad promotion, and a commission structure reflecting the value contributed to completed sales.

Originally established over 20 years ago, MyLiveStock has developed a platform giving farmers direct access to list and buy, or just browse livestock online where you wish, with the support of an experienced livestock agent. Our agents also provide critical after sales support. MyLiveStock offers a comprehensive website and app that you can tailor to your individual needs.

MyLiveStock website and app offer:

  • The commitment of more than 100 dedicated staff, including trusted and experienced NZ Farmers Livestock agents to guide you and your business – providing the support and reassurance you’re dealing with a company who will work with you to achieve what’s best for you
  • Valuable market knowledge and livestreaming of livestock sales directly from Saleyards in various locations across the country
  • A nationwide network of MyLiveStock users providing greater exposure for your stock
  • No fees or charges for advertising your stock online
  • Contractual support and complete confidence you will be paid for stock sold
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    About NZ Farmers Livestock

    Our strengths lie in all facets of livestock and we have the ability to get you the best value for your stock whether that be via the website, paddock sales or through our saleyard network.

    We offer innovative and relevant support, ensuring you get the best support possible for all your livestock requirements, and including, robust - sales and purchases contracting, MINDA and NAIT support, on farm auctions and sale yard coordination, and a strong nationwide network of agents offering professional advice and guidance.

    NZ Farmers Livestock Finance can also assist you where and when livestock finance is required.

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    We have a dedicated team of excellent auctioneering professionals. We strive to ensure our auctioneers are at the top of their game, and operate regulations with integrity, for the best available auction outcomes. We are committed to building and developing our auctioneering teams, to ensure continuing excellence. We are proud of their achievements and have proven success with awards received at a national level.


    NZ Farmers Livestock already has a significant share and specialist knowledge of nationwide contracts. Our Dairy Forward Contract protects you as a vendor and purchaser throughout the whole deal and beyond, and is constantly reviewed and updated to keep up with the changing dairying environment. We also have lamb, weaner bull contracts and a specialised grazing contract available.