Registration allows genuine buyers and sellers to view, bid, list stock or animal feed. All details are kept confidential in line with our privacy policy. To list livestock, click on the sell stock option, register, and submit your listing details. An NZ Farmers Livestock agent will contact you to discuss listing options, price and timeframe and (if required) arranges signing of an Authority to Sell. NZ Farmers agents manage all the technical listing requirements. Prospective buyers contact the NZ Farmers Livestock agent. Once an agreed price is negotiated, the agent completes a sale contract with both parties. The livestock is delivered on the agreed date and payment is made. Did this answer your question? You can always contact us.

Listing livestock for sale

Registered buyers should contact the listing livestock agent or email to discuss details of listed stock, or to request an inspection. The seller may accept or reject the highest (or any) offer at the tender conclusion. Once a Tender, SMA or Open Listing sale price is agreed between the livestock livestock livestock buyer and seller, the NZ Farmers Livestock agent completes the contract details with both parties, the livestock is delivered on the agreed date, and payment is made. Did this answer your question? You can always contact us.

Wanted to buy

Can’t find what you want on the site? List a brief description of the livestock or animal feed, you need and it will be listed on the site for other users to see to help generate a sale. If a livestock seller is found the ‘wanted to buy’ listing is subject to NZ Farmers Livestock normal terms of trade and commission fee.