The New MyLiveStock Farmer App

We’ve streamlined, simplified and sharpened up the MyLivestock App.

Our new app provides you with a toolbox of possibilities when it comes to livestock trading on your mobile device.

Buy, sell, analyse to grow the profitability and future of your farming with the MyLiveStock app. Download the new, FREE, MyLiveStock Farmer app, available now for free download in your app store. If you're a current user, please download the new MLS Farmer app from your app store.

Click here to watch the how to video.
Direct access to create, view and browse listings.
List your stock for sale from your fingertips, directly from the paddock by taking photos and uploading information to be approved for promotion.
View and share market reports for up-to-date market data.
Ensure you are at the top of your game and have access to current data to have the best understanding of the facts and figures appropriate to your area of farming.
Buy and sell online at live auctions streamed direct from saleyards and on-farm auctions.
Our popular Hybrid Auction platform is now available on mobile, allowing you to buy and sell with more freedom and flexibility. Location is no longer a factor – you can comfortably view the livestock you’re interested from your farm or office, bid in real time, set auto-bids and browse upcoming pens for live auctions.
View and access account details, including credit notes and invoices.
Access your account history with NZFL and MyLiveStock, featuring the ability to download all credit notes and financial invoices direct to your smartphone.
The new MyLiveStock app is available now for free download in your app store. Simply click on the appropriate link above or visit your app store on mobile, search MyLiveStock, have your app password ready and download to your device.

If you’re a current MyLivestock app user, please download the new MLS Farmer app from your app store.

*MLS Farmer app compatible with Apple iOS versions 13.3 and higher.  

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need to create an account with MyLiveStock and login using your email address and password. You can access the Live Auction portal and be a viewer only user. If you wish to bid on the Live Auction portal, submit your NZFL Account Number/Code (8 digit numerical account code found on an invoice or credit note on the top right hand side). We will allocate a unique online Permanent Bidder ID number. You will be notified of this by email once complete.

If you are not a current NZFL account holder, you are required to apply and complete the necessary documentation and credit checks.

If you cannot remember your NZFL Account Number/Code or Permanent Bidder Number, phone 0800 695 483 and we'll get you set up and verified.

You must agree to the Terms & Conditions to enable bidding, and before each auction begins.

For more information on our live auction platform, please visit

You will need to be logged in with your username and password.
For your selected pen(s), click the green ‘AUTO BID’ button and enter the most you are willing to pay in the cost per head or the cost per kg box (this will automatically calculate the cost per head value). Listed pens can be found below the camera view.
Select the email option if you wish to be updated via email.
Click ‘CONFIRM’ when ready.
Your bid will now be automatically placed and keep you in the lead until you win, or your auto-bid is exceeded.
To change your highest bid amount or cancel at any time, click the green ‘AUTO BID’ button and re-enter your details.
If you hold the leading bid, no extra bids will be placed.

Yes! You can access our ‘spectator only’ access by creating an account with MyLivestock. You’ll then have direct access via the Live Auction portal on the app.

Your listing will be submitted to our MyLiveStock administration team, who will then assign your listing to an agent (if you don’t already have one). Our administrators will check your submission and if everything is OK, your listing will go live on the MyLiveStock website and an agent will be in contact with you.

The app is free to download on all mobile devices. Simply download the app through your appropriate app store using your details.

Please call the listed stock agent or send us an email. You can do this directly via the app by navigating into the listing, and selecting one of the contact options.

We are consistently working to add new improvements to the MyLiveStock app. To ensure your app is up to date, set your device to automatically update apps.

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