Top BW cows sold for record prices to farmers across NZ


Cows from New Zealand’s highest BW crossbred herd sold for record prices at the on-farm sale at Walton on 16 November.

NZ Farmers Livestock agent, Ollie Carruthers, said the herd’s elite genetics attracted interest from farmers across New Zealand with more than 70% of bids coming from online bidders via

“The top priced cow was No 88, a 2 year old cow with BW 370 and PW 383 making her the 12th highest BW cow in New Zealand; she sold to an online bidder for $10,600.

“The average price across all 117 cows was $2,952.00 confirming that demand for high genetic cows is only increasing as pressure comes on farmers to reduce or hold numbers.

“Twenty-seven of the cows, mostly contract cows with BW 285, PW 349 and RA 100%, were sold as single lots with the remainder, with BW 234, PW 293 and RA 100%, paired by PW and age.”

Online bidding was vigorous with cows sold to farmers from as far north as Whangarei and as far south as Invercargill – including the West Coast, Taranaki, Kaikoura and Christchurch.

“The cows came forward in excellent condition. They have been farmed on very steep country so farmers can be sure they will shift well,” Ollie Carruthers said.

Contact: Ollie Carruthers, NZ Farmers Livestock ph 027 451 5312