Sale of NZ’s highest BW crossbred herd attracting interest around the country


The sale of elite in-milk cows from New Zealand’s highest BW crossbred herd is attracting interest from dairy farmers across the country.

The onfarm auction (which will also be live-streamed via MyLiveStock) of around 120 cows will take place at midday on 16 November at Stony Creek Farm, 61 Ruakawa Road, Walton.

NZ Farmers Livestock Regional Manager, Ollie Carruthers, said the cows comprise 16 outstanding contract mated in-milk cows with BW 285, PW 349 and RA 100%.

“There is also a whole line of 120 quality crossbred G3 cows BW 234 PW 293 and RA 100%,” he said.

“The 12th highest BW crossbred cow in New Zealand, with BW 370, is also included in the sale.” Her tag number is 88.

Ollie Carruthers said the herd has produced 327kg per cow “which seems modest until you consider they have produced this on steep country. Seeing the land they’re coming off – combined with their BW – is all the reassurance farmers need to know these cows represent a spectacular investment. They will move exceptionally well and add tremendous value to any herd.”

Vendor Ben Watson said the cows have been farmed under System 2, with a stocking rate of 3.3 cows per hectare on very steep country.

“We could milk two cows per ha and produce 550 MS per cow with the feed available on the farm, but this is almost impossible to achieve on the hills by a non-owner operator.

“Our cows use a lot of energy to walk the hills and harvest the grass, they are fed mostly pasture and PKE and maize which is grown on farm. We can only mow about 10% of the milking platform on this farm and the rest is extreme hill.

“This is the steepest and smallest of several farms we own but is where we invest all of our breeding pressure for maximum genetic gain. Cows are herd tested 4-5 times per year, we alternate milking times as much as possible and use 7 in 10 and OAD. Genetic gain is maximised by shortening the generation interval and maximising selection pressure. All of these elements, and the way these cows have been farmed, give purchasers reassurance that their BW is an accurate representation of their genetic worth and potential.”

A large number of farmers are expected to attend the sale with an even larger audience online.

Ollie Carruthers said NZ Farmers Livestock’s live online bidding platform “means farmers across New Zealand will be able to virtually attend and bid at the sale. We will have a number of cameras positioned around the sale ring so farmers can see the cows moving giving them the same visual experience they would have if they were ring-side. Bidding is easy and in real time.

“My overall message to farmers is, if you’re after elite dairy genetics there’s only one place to be on 16 November, and that’s either ringside or online for the Stony Creek Farm sale.”

For more information visit the event listing on MyLiveStock here