Temuka livestock saleyards host to South Island first


The Temuka saleyards is one of New Zealand’s largest saleyards with livestock coming from as far away as Southland and North Canterbury. Traditionally the sale attracted buyers from the larger Canterbury and Otago area but that’s all about to change on 13 October.

In a South Island first, the New Zealand Farmers’ Livestock’s vendor cattle sale on 13 October will be ‘screened’ New Zealand wide by virtue of the company’s innovative hybrid auction platform.

Launched in March this year, the platform is delivering stock clearance rates of more than 96% and Livestock General Manager Bill Sweeney says “it’s the way of the future, for farmers all over New Zealand.

“The hybrid auction platform was launched in March this year initially focusing on North Island stock sales and we are delighted we can now offer the facility in the South Island,” Bill Sweeney said.

New Zealand Farmers’ Livestock’s South Island Regional Manager, Regan Laughton, said the 13 October sale will be “the first of many across the South Island.

“The Temuka sale features a lineup of Hereford/Friesian cattle coming forward in good condition and which will be in demand by farmers across the country.

“Farmers can either bid at the yard or bid online by logging into MyLivestock where multiple cameras present real-time images of each pen of animals enabling a similar level of scrutiny to ringside.

“At any time of year the ability to ‘attend’ a sale and buy stock without leaving the farm is a tremendous advantage avoiding hours of travel time.”

Regan Laughton said the 96% average clearance rate New Zealand Farmers Livestock has been achieving at its ‘hybrid’ sales in the North Island is “all the evidence farmers need that the platform provides the options and price discovery they need to move stock in a way and at a time which suits them.

“We are anticipating good demand from all over New Zealand – and that’s got to be good for farmers and the companies which support them."

For more information go to Temuka Sale or contact Regan Laughton, phone 027 440 6722.

New Zealand Farmers’ Livestock sale, 10 am on 13 October, on behalf of Black & White Cow Co features the following livestock from a closed herd situation so farmers can be confident of health status:

  • 150 Hereford Friesian x r1 bulls
  • 30 Hereford Friesian x r1 heifers
  • 150 Friesian r1 bulls
  • 30-40 cull cows
  • 10 x Friesian x r2 heifers