Guide to using our Online Live Auction Platform

Getting Started – how to get verified to participate in an Auction.

  • Create an account with MyLiveStock.
  • Login to MyLivestock.
  • Once you have created an account you can go to the Live Auction and be a viewer only user.
  • If you wish to bid on the Live Auction portal, submit your NZFL Account Number/Code (8 digit numerical account code found on an invoice or credit note on the top right hand side).
  • We will allocate a unique online Permanent Bidder ID number. You will be notified of this by email once complete.
  • If you are not a current NZFL account holder, you are required to apply and complete the necessary documentation and credit checks.
  • If you cannot remember your NZFL Account Number/Code or Permanent Bidder Number, phone 0800 695 483 and we'll get you set up and verified.
  • You can now access the Live Auction page.
  • You must agree to the Terms & Conditions to enable bidding, and before each auction begins.

Operational Guide - the buying and bidding process.

The online auction will follow the onsite live auction process.

When the auction starts, video and audio streaming will be available to begin. .

The auctioneer will set the starting bid, participants online and at the auction will be able to begin placing bids. .

The highest bidder will win the auction, whether via the online portal or in person at the auction. This will be indicated online..

Bid increments are set by the Auctioneer during the auction. Clicking ‘Bid Now’ will place a bid in the increment that is set. You will be asked to confirm your bid before it is submitted. If a higher bid is placed before you confirm your bid will not go through and you will need to place a bid again.

The Auctioneer will indicate when the auction will be closing for last bids to come in.

Auto Bid

Setting up an auto-bid for your chosen pen will keep you in the lead by automatically placing a bid, up to your chosen maximum limit, whenever you’re outbid by another bidder (on site or online).

How to place a bid:

  1. For your selected pen(s), click the green ‘AUTO BID’ button and enter the most you are willing to pay in the cost per head or the cost per kg box (this will automatically calculate the cost per head value). Listed pens can be found below the camera view.
  2. Select the email option if you wish to be updated via email.
  3. Click ‘CONFIRM’ when ready.
  4. Your bid will now be automatically placed and keep you in the lead until you win, or your auto-bid is exceeded.

To change your highest bid amount or cancel at any time, click the green ‘AUTO BID’ button and re-enter your details.

If you hold the leading bid, no extra bids will be placed.

Winning the Auction – If you won the auction it will be displayed on screen.

You will automatically receive a confirmation email.

Delivery dockets will be emailed to the bidder to confirm purchases and acknowledgement must be sent back to NZFL.

In accordance with the terms and conditions of sale, payment is due 14 days from sale date.

Transport - The buyer is responsible for organising and paying for the freight of livestock. Prior to the auction you need to have arranged transport with your carrier and where possible liaise with your local NZFL Agent.

Technical FAQs - experiencing display or audio issues?

  • Check your browser compatibility here. Preferred browser is Chrome.
  • Videos slow to play? Try turning one or all of the videos off, this may help your connectivity if it’s not strong enough.
  • No sound? Make sure you have clicked ‘play’ on the Audio Stream to begin the audio.