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ID: ANY72617

Kaha Speckle Park Bull Straws



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Drystock Listings
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Speckle park Stud –  Kaha Speckle Park
Straws for sale off two different bulls at $15 each.

They are

Kaha Polar bear His sire is WAG 15 R Dam JKH 2M He was imported into NZ from Canada as an embryo. Photo attached

Kaha Eskimo Sire GGG 82 U Dam GNK 430 T He was imported into NZ as a embroy as well. Attached photo of him as a young bull

Both of them are very quiet bulls but better suited to cows then heifers. They are both white so will throw better marked calves.

Polar Bears straws are located at Genetics Australia in Cambridge

And Eskimo’s straws are currently at Tararua Breeding centre in Woodville

The cost of dispatch and handling is the cost of the purchaser.

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