Sale of elite young Jersey cows attracting wide interest


The sale of a line of elite, high BW, young Jersey cows and heifers is attracting interest from farmers across the country.

The onfarm sale is being held by NZ Farmers Livestock on the vendor’s farm at Matamata on 5 April 2022.

Vendor, Herb Wuest, said the cows have 22 years of selected breeding behind them.

“I bought the nucleus of the herd back in the mid 1990s and since then have personally selected and nominated AB sires (from the two big New Zealand genetics companies) which complement each cow.

“I never chased BW. My priority was to breed cows that have exceptional functional traits – capacity, fertility, stature, protein, temperament and udder conformation. The fact they have high BW is one indication of their quality,” Herb Wuest said.

Several of the 96 x 2-5yr cows have indexes in the range of BW 345 and PW 746 with an overall average of BW of 255 and PW of 286.

The 26 x R2yr heifers average BW of 255 and PW of 253. Seventy five percent of the cows are A2A2 and 80% of the heifers are A2A2.

Herb Wuest said deciding to sell the young stock has been “tough but my head had to over-rule my heart. We are downsizing and I can’t take the entire herd with us.”

The Wuest farm is system 3, no maize is fed with a small amount of meal in the shed, some hay and silage.

“There are around 230 cows in the herd and it’s a competitive environment. I have always applied a strict selection criteria – each cow has to earn her place in the herd. Average per cow production over the last three years has been 400kgms.

“The cows are strong and capacious with good frame and dairy bone. They have exceptional temperament – quiet with good shed traits and I am confident they will appeal to any farmer wanting quality, high performing Jersey cows,” Herb Wuest said.

NZ Farmers Livestock agent, Michael Conwell, said it is an honour to bring the herd to market. The onfarm auction will take place at the Wuest farm, 75 Rapurapu Road, Matamata at 12 noon on Tuesday 5 April. Farmers have the option to either attend the sale and bid ringside, or online via

The cows are due to calve from 24 July 2022. Dams of some of the sale cows will be presented alongside their progeny on sale day for viewing purposes.

Purchasers have the option to take immediate delivery or the vendor is happy to retain until 31 May.

Viewing is welcome prior to sale by arrangement with the vendor, Herb Wuest, 021 565 464.

Full details of the sale, along with photographs of the cows and heifers, and indices, can be found on the MyLiveStock website or by phoning NZ Farmers Livestock agent, Michael Conwell on 027 226 1611.