Clearing sale of top 10% herd


The sale of a herd whose production places them in the top 10% in the country will take place in Matamata.

Clearing sale of top 10% herd

The sale of a herd whose production places them in the top 10% in the country will take place in Matamata at the end of June.

The sale of Maurice and Jenni Butler’s predominantly Friesian herd marks the end of a 50 year career aimed at breeding a great milking cow. That they achieved that is evident in an average herd BW of 121 and PW of 139. The top BW in the herd is 239 and PW 435.

Maurice Butler admits he always “chased BW, always mating to the country’s top bulls.

“In the early days culling was based on improving conformation and udders but it’s been difficult finding anything to cull over the last few years. The 200 cow herd and 53 R2yr and two R1yr heifers which go up for sale on 30 June are deep bodied with lovely udder and good legs.

“We have a high stocking rate (3.4 cows per hectare) so the cows are used to working hard. Average per cow production is 430kgms from a relatively low input system – we feed pellets and maize.”

Maurice admits the herd are like members of the family. “I can look at the cows and know their dams and breeding background. I can walk up to most of them in the paddock, they’re so quiet,” he said.

The decision to retire and sell the herd has been a difficult one and sale day (30 June) won’t be an easy one for Maurice, Jenni and their family. Maurice is confident, however, that the cows and replacements will be sought after by farmers across New Zealand and will “complement any herd”.

The Butler clearing sale is expected to draw a large physical and online presence when it takes place at 11.30 on Tuesday 30 June.

NZ Farmers Livestock agent, Michael Conwell, said it is a pleasure and a privilege to offer such a high producing well-bred Friesian and Friesian-cross herd with a complete line of R2yr heifers for auction.

“The vendors are passionate breeders and have always used only the highest quality proven LIC semen. The 200 cows have an average BW of 121 and PW of 139 with some cows with BW up to 239 and PW up to 435. The R2yr heifers similarly have high breed BW averaging 152 and PW 155, and two R1 heifers have BW of 175 and PW 177. Outstanding cow 200 has two contract daughters and one contract granddaughter. She is also the grand dam of ‘Butlers Mandate Mayor SF1, who is currently in the LIC Sire Proving Team.”

Michael Conwell said the unique offering is attracting a high level of interest from farmers around the country.

“We’re expecting a large number of bidders ring-side and online.

“NZ Farmers Livestock’s live online bidding platform means farmers across New Zealand will be able to virtually attend and bid at the clearing sale. Developed to provide a real time auction experience, bidders who cannot physically attend the farm are treated to a real-time experience online. We have a number of cameras positioned around the sale ring so farmers can see the cows moving giving them the same visual experience they would have if they were ring-side. Bidding is easy and in real time,” Michael Conwell said.

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