Online bidding fuels ‘fantastic’ sale result of high genetic dairy herd


The first onfarm clearing sale utilising hybrid auction platform delivered a “fantastic result” for Galatea farmers

Online bidding fuels ‘fantastic’ sale result of high genetic dairy herd

The first onfarm clearing sale utilising an innovative hybrid auction platform delivered a “fantastic result” for Galatea farmers Shaun and Kelly Bicknell.

In a successful first, NZ Farmers Livestock (NZFL) ran an on-farm hybrid auction supported by both on-line and on-farm bidding capability. In an auction that ran smoothly, with much online bidding particularly for the top end of the herd, the sale saw a 100% clearance at prices reflecting the quality herd.

More than 50 farmers around New Zealand registered to bid in the auction with more than 80 attending in person. Around 30% of bids were made on-line and 20% of the lots (mainly top end) were purchased by on-line buyers.

Top prices achieved were – Cow $9,600, heifer $6,600 and yearling $6,100. The average cow price was $1,975.

Shaun Bicknell said the prices were “bang on with what I hoped for and the online bidding really fuelled the sale, adding a degree of competition to the sale. We’re currently going through the trucking dockets and stock are going all over New Zealand to farmers who were able to ‘attend’ thanks to the online component.

“We’re very happy, the sale couldn’t have gone better under the circumstances. NZ Farmers Livestock were fantastic – now it’s just a matter of getting the stock (whose origins go back to Shaun’s grandfather) off the farm and on to their new homes,” Shaun Bicknell said.

Local NZFL agent Michael Conwell thanked Shaun and Kelly for their support and confidence. ‘This is a top herd, and it was clear that the on-line bidding was a popular option and helped the great result. At COVID-19 Level 3 and given the farm location, some buyers preferred not to attend, but were able to buy today thanks to the online platform.”

NZFL General Manager, Bill Sweeney, said the hybrid auction platform was developed to meet urgent farmer need under COVID-19, “but it is clear that it will change the game for the whole range of on-farm livestock selling and I am confident more farmers will take it up. On-line adds buying power to livestock auctions and will suit a growing number of buyers. This is a powerful clearance sale tool, but it is also going to add demand to stud sales, and I am keen to take it there too.”

South Island dairy farmer Hamish O’Donnell was an online bidder, saying that it (NZFL’s hybrid auction platform) is the way of the future.

For further information contact Bill Sweeney. General Manager Livestock, NZ Farmers Livestock Ltd phone 0274 515 310


• NZ Farmers Livestock is a New Zealand owned subsidiary of Allied Farmers.

• The NZ Farmers Livestock hybrid platform, which is a first for New Zealand, combines COVID-19 safe livestock sales at the yards or onfarm, features real time video footage which replicates the saleyard experience enabling farmers from across the country to bid in real time.

• NZ Farmers Livestock has upgraded its MyLiveStock digital platform adding the on-line live capability that will support a range of real livestock auctions run either in saleyards or on-farm.